Style The Beat: Fab Music Videos No. 1

Here is a half a dozen recent music video that made me go wow-now re: their fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who else should I be checking out?! Submit in comments or via Facebook and Instagram along with featured designer and stylist info, please.

Lex Allen “Colors in Bloom” ft. Taj Raiden

That faux fur flower coat! I’ve been a fan since the delicious Cream & Sugar. Both are tracks-in-residence on my iPod. Get ‘em off Bandcamp! I feel it feel it tonight!






Sennek “A Matter of Time”

This Belgian Eurovision 2018 entry got layers of atmospheric style. No wonder: singer Laura Groeseneken is a Visual Merchandiser at IKEA. Goodbye, day job! About time 😊





Laverne Cox “Beat for The Gods”

Laverne said it’s a song for kids to vogue to. Gods blessed her with many gifts, singing isn’t it. Though. Marie Antoinette meets Boxing Ring styling is extra! Gods be pleased.


Khalid & Normani “Love Lies”

I fell for it at don’t be afraid to tell me if you aint’ with it! I like level-headedness in my obsessions. What a twist on the voyeur endgame! Kudos to the Love, Simon soundtrack.



Blas Cantó “Él No Soy Yo”

He’s not me. Been there, sang that. Blas makes a spellbinding case for re-claiming agency and boundaries in relationships. The pearl-bejeweled jacket is like so Spain. Hola, guapo!




This Post-Paris series started as a post on Fashion School Daily when the Academy of Art University had asked to share my fashion-music favorites with my students. Onward!

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