I heart San Francisco

Y’all. Things got quiet ’round here for a bit, but we’re gearing up for a comeback with #BigNews… Next week I start teaching an online course “Style Icons and Fashion Objects” that I developed exclusively for the pioneering Fashion Journalism program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco (the only one of its kind in the USA)! While no words can describe how thrilled I am to embark on this adventure, I did find some words to talk about it with the Fashion School Daily. We will continue to explore the post-paris fashion circuit with Barcelona & Copenhagen starting their fall-winter 2016 presentations next week. Meanwhile, students and I will dive into the industry archives to discover just why Chanel is CHANEL, what miracles did Vogue perform to become fashion “Bible”, who walked down the first Red Carpet, how come Paris Hilton is the only celebrity brand retailing in Mecca and other wtf & omfg questions. I hope Post-Paris and Academy of Art will inform, encourage and empower each other as exciting fashion media platforms. Stay tuned and welcome e-board! 🙂



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