Style the Beat: Fab Music Videos Vol. 2

Style the Beat: Volume 2. The next six recent music videos that made me go wow-now re: their fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who else should I be checking out?! Let me know via Facebook or Instagram along with designer ‘n stylist info, pretty please.

J. Cole“Kevin’s Heart”

Comedians don’t usually make legit style icons. Except, Kevin Hart … His biker jacket with applique hearts on the back is a character all its own in this poignant story line. “Choose wisely” .. The stylist(s) have definitely done so. P.S. Wash your hands, y’all!






Motorama “I See You”

Stylist Heni Kiss cultivated the hippest hipster aesthetic for one of Russia’s biggest indie bands. “When I close my eyes, I see you.” This invites a question: in YOUR dreams, fantasies, memories of that special someone… what are they wearing?!



Chanti Darling“Casual” feat. The Last Artful & Dodgr

Styled by Wyatt Waishkey, this cool video swings from office hours to afterhours without missing a single trend beat: the headgear, the shades, the patterns ‘n layers. “Wanted to have my cake and eat it too” … By all means, go ahead and do, done, did!




Hiba Elgizouli“Rival”

This got my neighbor knocking on my wall to take it off repeat… Mesmerizing in every way, the video is jaw-dropping-gorgeously styled by Sally Elgizouli and produced in Khartoum, Sudan! “Don’t say that you’re mine when you’re not.” I am, Hiba. Oh, I am.


Mashrou Leila“Roman”

Styled by Moe Rida and Cynthia Jreige, the video for this Lebanese rock band weaves multiple cultural (mis)conceptions into a striking narrative.  Y’all must read the text in the About section for the clip! Made me wonder how did I lose myself to the Romans?!





Yaysh“Get 2 Kno Me”

Styled by Nature… This nude, unabashedly erotic ‘n queer music video makes the case for self-acceptance as prerequisite for self-expression. If you were moved… and I’m not – just – talking aroused… by John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus, this is (y)our jam.

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