Happy Birthday, Post-Paris!

Press “Publish” … Four years ago, on a snowy afternoon in Bologna’s iconic Biblioteca Salaborsa, I wrote this blog’s first post. Over 140 entries and 40,000 visitors later, I am still not sure who exactly is reading this. Thanx, y’all. However, I also see that designer authenticity and accountability, post-colonial aesthetics and practices, and decentralization of industry power – the Post-Paris Fashion tenants – are part of a global conversation now!

Developmental milestones for 4 year-old children include:

1. Understand the idea of same and different: Check the Pattern: MaXhosa vs. Zara (check)

2. Focus to kick, throw, and catch a ball: Style Goals: World Cup & Fashion (check)

3. Show affection for familiar individuals: Daughters of Fragmentario (check)

4. Speak clearly if not yet fully comprehensibly: On White Imagination (CHECK, LOL)

5. Dress and undress without supervision or help: check, thank you very much.

phillip toledano
Phillip Toledano (c) 2019

Post-Paris is alright. I’m excited for all the next provocative ideas, super-cool music videos, footballer style updates and other (un)related things to share with y’all.

Happy birthday, Post-Paris!

Onward, Alexey

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