Putin in the Himalayas: Art by Sunil Sigdel

March 18, 2018 is the Re-Election Day for Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. Even though I’m writing this before the polls have closed, there is zero doubt regarding his six-more-years mandate. Already the longest-serving ruler of Russia since Joseph Stalin, a fixture of global news and a purveyor of fake news, his impact on the nation and the world is history-redefining. (Not)surprisingly, I found the most adequate representation of Putin the Mythic Figure in the brilliant works of a Nepalese artist Sunil Sigdel.

Sigdel features Putin alongside other geopolitical leaders in triptychs and series such as Peace Owners (2016) and Reproductive Minds (2017). I am utterly captivated by the layers of cultural, historical, artistic references herein. Y’all gotta check out his blog for all the politically poignant performances and installations. Spine (2010). Gives me proper f*cking chills. Thank you, Amrit Karki for introducing it.

For those doubting geopolitical repercussions of today… Vladimir Zhirinovsky, another “candidate” who has referred to Ksenia Sobchak, the first woman ever running for the Russian presidency, as a b*tch, c*nt and whore in national televised debates (!) … has thus summarized the stakes: “These are elections of the supreme ruler not only of Russia, but of the entire Planet Earth!” The Himalayas might not be big enough of a refuge from such Reproductive Peace Owners. Art be our witness!

Peace Owners (Total size 120cm X 270cm)
“Peace Owners” by Sunil Sigdel (c) 2016
Peace Owners II
“Peace Owners II” by Sunil Sigdel (c) 2017
Reproductive Minds
“Reproductive Minds” by Sunil Sigdel (c) 2017
Red Mouth & yellow Heart
“Red Mouths & Yellow Hearts” by Sunil Sigdel (c) 2018

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