Here’s a half-dozen recent music videos that made me go wow-now re: fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who should I be checking out next? Tell me. Thanks 🙂

Mona Haydar “Barbarian”

Decolonize: mind, body… and clothes! Styled by Feda Eid, this exclamation mark of a video is a thesis on Muslim design heritage and the art of sipping major tea…

Chaka Khan “Like Sugar”

Styled by Vanessa Coyle, this is a sweet reminder that dancing could-should be an Olympic sport. The fun set was demolished afterwards. Best moments R bitter/sweet!

Mitya Fomin & Albina Dzhanabaeva “Thank you, Heart”

Roses are red… so is blood and fire, sunsets-sunrises, hate-love and total looks styled by Kristina Lisovets-Kasap for this meditation on (denying) second chances.

Ebony Bones “No Black In The Union Jack”

Dress-to-Protest is as British a phenom as punk & bangers ‘n mash. Boldly styled by Ebony Bones and Ramona Tabita, synchronized swimmers double as mind-riot police.

Cazwell “Cakes”

Remember Borat in that neon green sling-kini? Here cums comes an entire twerk brigade in singlets, directed and styled by Nathan Noyes. Who’s the gayest of ’em all?

Lizzo “Boys”

Prince aside, Minneapolis knows its boy(s). Hot-wired by Quinn Wilson and Andy Madeleine, “objectification” never looked so justified! Lizzo o.w.n.s. the leopard print.

Check out previous installments of my monthly Style the Beat series here.

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