STYLE THE BEAT 12: Isolate This!

After eight weeks of lockdown, YouTube is my middle name. Here are half-dozen music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next?! Tell me 🙂

CHAI – No More Cake

“Thank you for reminding me your daily makeup routine!” The sarcasm is layered thick in this beauty-riot-full video. Stylist Remi Kawasaki faced a challenge: how to dress the band all cool while keeping the focus firmly on the “cake”?! Mission accomplished!

Woodkid – Goliath

Every Woodkid video is an epic event! Quarry meets Quarantine as stylist Nick Royal turns Personal Protective Equipment into a default fashion statement of our times. Nature needs no brand ambassadors. Nature’s wrath will (not) be livestreamed. Yikes.

Mona Haydar – Good Body

This felt like a reunion. Mona’s Barbarian was here in 2018 and Ahmed Shihab-Eldin (one of the good bodies) was in our Palestinian fashion story. Mona styled this video herself and the track’s been in heavy late rotation: my body, my house, my quarantine!

Kolinga – Nguya Na Ngai 

Coming from Congo via Toulouse, this masterclass in cultural fusion has been masterminded by the glorious Rébecca M’Boungou; and styled in partnership with Panafrica Footwear, a collective from Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire & Morocco. OUI!

AIGEL – You’re Born

This will f*ck you up. “Find your nearest exit. Look for your exit. The best one for you.” Stylist Irene Rovbelle tailors this potent mix of politics, religion, (anti)capitalism and wishful hopelessness into a trailer for a hypothetical series worth binge-watching.

Hania Rani – F Major

I grow weak for a well-choreographed piano piece. Now, keep in mind, this was shot on location in Iceland. In February. “Mood board said hypnotic, not hypothermia!” Outfitted by Sézane, I sense truth in their alleged 10K waiting list on select items.

Meanwhile … Stay tuned, stay styled!

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