The month of May guides us through the liminal emotional territory between spring and summer (of the heart). Here is the latest half-dozen music videos which inspired me to move and made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next? Tell me 🙂

Tove Lo – No One Dies From Love

No one dies from love (?), but I just might die from cool style overload. First, the robot look is an actual costume from metal couturier Manuel Albarran. No CGI?! Tove’s stylist Annie + Hannah propels the fashion story forward while Lorena Ledezma gets mad props for styling the extras at that fateful party!

Ghali – Wallah

This came out months ago, but the album just dropped on May 20 so the track qualifies for this edition + Ghali is the May protagonist for GQ Italia. Both that cover and this video were styled by Ramona Tabita (on Style the Beat radar since 2018). I love the mix of spoken and visual languages… and tongues 🙂

Conan Gray – Yours

We’ve all been there… running through the flower fields in flowing silks singing our heartbreak out, pearls glistening in the (un)forgiving sun. Just me?! Ok… Stylist Katie Qian made some bullseye choices to make sure both Conan and the song do not vanish from our memory like petals in the wind.

Trishala Gurung – Sajau

Dr. Trishala is a model, a singer, a composer and yes, a doctor. This love letter to Nepal is a tour of three regions (Himal, Pahad, and Terai) and their traditional costumes and dances. Contemporary Nepali couture is provided and styled by the fabulous team at Marshall Marsala boutique in Kathmandu.

Davido – Stand Strong

“I’m here to make people smile, dance, and sometimes reflect,” says Davido. “No pressure,” say 25 million ‘gram followers. The track delivers and stylist Raya‘s fashion choices stay true to the mission statement and the American-Nigerian heritage. That sexxxy green-black loungewear look gets a special shoutout! 😉

Camila Cabello at the UEFA Champions League Final 2022 Opening Ceremony

While technically not a music video… it most certainly features all the things we love about fashion styling for music-driven performances. 1) Epic story: Champions League Final at Stade de France, check. 2) Great gowns and wow-now outfit changes courtesy of Mexican designer Carlos Pineda, check. 3) Awesome styling for Camila by Mariel Haenn and (a few football teams worth of) dancers outfitted by Ariel Tunnell. Style the Goal, scooore!

Meanwhile … spring forward into summertime, stay tuned, stay styled!

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