OTEYZA Marks Madrid on Menswear Map

Bespoke atelier OTEYZA, in its second-ever runway presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, became the most watched Spanish fashion show online. Ever. The (re)views keep pouring in! What’s the hype?! Watch The Video. MY.OH.MY.

Oteyza SS'19

The collection titled “Roots” didn’t stray far from convention: long jackets, matching ties, suspenders. Dandy, Macho, Pitti Uomo. However, it was the performance of the garments that made the audience in attendance do the unthinkable… put down their front row smartphones! Watch the screens fold one by one within a few minutes. The godstars aligned for Otyeza. There was evident male desire without the tiresome porn-hubbing, self-assured masculinity minus the bro-full toxins, camaraderie with a safe touch of queerness. Above all, for my spying eye, there was Cultural Appropriateness. Whenever European fashion brands have been reaching for roots, they tended to pull ’em out of distant lands. Turns out, white people got their own roots! And they look fiiine.

Choreographed by Antonio Najarro, the spectacular presentation featured dancers from Ballet Nacional de España. And why-yes, I absolutely did take the time to Insta-stalk ’em for y’all. Welcome, don’t mention it, de nada. Gracias: Sergio Bernal, Eduardo Martínez, José Manuel Benítez, Carlos Romero, Carlos Sánchez, Antonio Correderas, Juan Pedro Delgado, Albert Hernández, Álvaro Marbán, and Alfredo Mérida. Fashion + Dance = Life.

The runway purists could object that such expressive staging scene-steals attention from the clothes – oh the clothes – and makes it difficult to imagine them on real people in real life scenarios. Two things. Uno. STFU. Dos. If I were to wear Oteyza suits, this is exactly what my real life scenario would look and feel like, inside my head. Moreover, if these high-waist pants are comfy enough for twirling, they’ll do fine in your office chair. The images below come from the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME). You can also see the conventional looks at Vogue Espana. More Oteyza magic below.


OH. MY. GOD. Oteyza has a peacock feather bow tie. I need it. To be buried in. Eventually. Well, cremated and then spread over a runway in an emerging fashion capital… but still. When my body goes up in flames, I want it accented by this showstopper. #WishList


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