I liked their spring-summer yellows and I’m really liking their fall-winter blues! On Monday CARLOTAOMS opened Barcelona 080 Fashion Week with a gritty take on the daily commuter concept. To get to the vulnerable heart of any matter beyond the newsfeed bravado, you gotta follow the guide-lines of collection’s brilliant prints: the blinded-leading-the-blinded and mountain ridge contours. They appear totally gif-able … reinforcing the point that routine digitization of all our actions offers no escape from the contemporary urban grind. “We move, intersecting momentarily with introspective strangers with whom we interact anonymously. We are abstract and voyeuristic beings, connected and isolated.” I don’t know about y’all but I certainly could put that statement as my social media status for the rest of the day/season/year and never feel like it’s misrepresentative of my lived experience at any waking moment. Existential crisis hardly ever looked so good. All the cyclist detailing is delightful. P.S. Let’s all agree to pretend that the looped-belted cloudwear pieces never happened. I don’t even know what I’m referring to, sorry to have brought it up, won’t do it again.  Connect to CARLOTAOMS via Facebook & Instagram. Post-yours, Alexey Timbul

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