Valencia Does Paris: Studio 404, Yvan Andreu & Visori

Valencia and Paris are a match made in art heaven. Cultural exchange between these cities goes back centuries and includes a formative period for the Valencian impressionist wunderkind Joaquin Sorolla. His special Mediterranean light reflected off the surface of the river Seine and highlighted a relationship rooted in all things beautiful… In 2022, Valencia serves proudly as World Design Capital and I wanted to continue the tradition of style-full dialogues. In May, I had the privilege to introduce three Valencian designers to my students at International Fashion Academy in Paris: Anaïs Vauxcelles and brand Studio 404, Javier Soria and label Visori as well as Yvan Andreu.

I first encountered their work at the Art en Blanc exhibition in 2019 and its sequel in pre-pandemic 2020. Anaïs is a Mercedes Benz Global Fashion Talent winner and Yvan is a Samsung EGO Award recipient. Javier is at the vanguard of experimental, sustainable fashion. I noted all three in my Forbes review from the CLEC Fashion Festival last year. As part of my seminar on public relations, students from the Global Media Management program got to work with three unique garments onsite and engage with designers online.

Valencian designers @ IFA Paris

During the class we coordinated a photoshoot, an exhibition, and designer interviews. Signature items from the brands – Molecular Bag, Rainbow Bra, Upcycled Denim – are now on my students’ fashion bucket lists! Below is a short visual report of our work. You can also read each designer profile/interview independently:

Anaïs Vauxcelles & Studio 404 at IFA Paris

Javier Soria & Visori at IFA Paris

Yvan Andreu at IFA Paris

The meta-future of fashion begins in an interconnected classroom. It was great to introduce these rising Made in Spain stars to the next generation of global style storytellers studying in Paris.

Gracias. Merci. Thank you.

Onward, Alexey

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