Yvan Andreu VS. Fashion Tech

Valencian designer Yvan Andreu loves fashion technology. His eponymous label is one of the most tech-forward “Made-in-Spain” brands exploring the cutting edge of 3D printing, alternative textiles, and virtuality. I first encountered his work at the Art en Blanc exhibition in 2019. The following year he won the Samsung EGO Award. In 2021, I featured his visionary collection from the CLEC Festival in my Forbes review. This May, I invited the brand to International Fashion Academy in Paris (alongside Visori & Studio 404). As part of my class on Fashion PR, students from the Global Media Management program got to work with unique garments and engage with designers from Valencia, World Design Capital 2022. For this opportunity, Yvan shared a stunning red gown from a museum collection. This was extremely generous and beyond thrilling! Also, now, Yvan’s signature “Molecular Bag” is on all my students’ fashion bucket list. Check out the case study report and the designer interview below.

What is your earliest fashion memory?

I remember seeing my mother get ready to go out. She had the power to change the perception of the world just by putting on a beautiful dress and some lipstick. I think this is what made me create fashion, and how I understood that a garment without a concept is an empty garment. I saw very early that an object had the ability to inspire strong emotions like works of art or beautiful nature.

What attracts you to fashion technology?

I’ve always been interested in awakening emotions with my design. Fashion tech can amplify this idea and make emotions more tangible, more sensory, more welcoming to other realities. It is also a great field for collaborations. We work with many digital illustrators and 3D artists. For example, Nagami. We love to expand the brand to new worlds, ideas, markets. Next is a jewelry collaboration and soon in décor and interior design.

What was it like to see your creation in a museum exhibition?

It was very exciting, because so many people got to know our vision. Spanish audience can be difficult to reach and tends to take less risks. It helped position the brand and build trust with the future customers. This way our garments acquire extra value and inspire many possibilities.

What is the role of media and public relations for an emerging brand?

It’s everything. You compete with all big brands and differentiation is your most important characteristic. It’s a lot of trial and error. Little by little you take what life gives you and what you learn about your clients and filter it through the principles of your creativity and your brand to hopefully reach the right audience.

Do you have a muse?

Personally, I have several: Björk, Grimes, Grace Jones, Carmen Kass, Iris Apfel. As for the brand, our ideal influencer maybe does not exist yet. It would be someone totally free and with an interplanetary vision. But we do love Leonnie Hanne a lot!

Who is Yvan Andreu’s perfect client?

All the persons free from conventions and in love with art, culture, and innovation.

What makes Valencia your place of choice to live and work?

It is comfortable, and I have high-quality providers of everything we need nearby. Apart from that, it’s the sun, the beach, and its famous Valencian light…

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