Late June is a riotous time for Pride in many places and/or hearts. Here is the latest half-dozen music videos (featuring LGBTQ artists) which inspired me to move and made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next? Tell me 🙂

Conchita Wurst – Paris (Savoir-Vivre)

Stylists Julia Philippitsch and Gianluigi Porcu teamed up to outfit my one-and-only Eurovision Queen for her latest runway-meets-dancefloor reinvention hitting the clubs just in time for Pride season. Having just returned from teaching at the International Fashion Academy in Paris, I fully endorse this video.

Bilal Hassani – Il ou Elle

As Bilal Hassani is preparing to take their gloriously unabashed gender-queerness to the iconic Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris this fall, stylist Nikita Vlassenko had a tough/fun task of dressing the performer in looks that blur … hmm, that obliterate the song’s titular “He or She” faultline.

Lazarus Lynch – Black Queer Anthem

Son of a Southern Chef served up a definitive musical/political/aethetical dish in 2021 and it had only gained in flavor and relevancy since the initial release. Part of its impact can be attributed to statement-styling and costume design by Chr!stopher Quarterman. May this always ring loud, proud and true!

Daniel Tejera – Dioses

This is so glam, so camp, so tight and sparkly … how is this not Eurovision?! Heartbreaker Daniel Tejera holds roya court in the heavens and costumes (designed and styled) by Renny Rojas make sure the audience feels the holy spirit even if for three and a half over-the-top minutes. 12 points for 12 gods!

Pierre Kwenders – Heartbeat ft. anaiis

Stylist Ignacio De Tiedra made a brilliant choice to infuse this track and video with the history/legacy of denim, a textile with fascinatingly complex impact on world history, pop culture at large, and fashion in particular. I watched this like, a dozen times, spellbinding work!

Voodoo Kid – Lolita

Another entry that has gained momentum since being released last year. Nabokov’s problematic classic Lolita meets the no-less-questionable Death in Venice narrative in a dance-off video that queers [verb] the early MTV vibe, in part thanks to stylist Nicole Oike‘s bullseye choices.

Meanwhile … queer it up, stay tuned, stay styled!

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Joy Oladokun – Purple Haze

While technically not a fashion-styled video, this hit home ’cause y’all know my love of collage. A beautiful mixed media animation piece for a wonderful song. Can’t wait to follow this artist for future gem drops!


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