Returning Forward: Palestinian Artists

Post-Paris coverage of the #BoycottDivestSanction movement includes profiles of Palestinian fashion designers and musicians. Now, we spotlight six contemporary Palestinian artists. The cover image belongs to Dalia Yassin, an artist based in Sweden, and is available for solidarity fundraising on her site. I encourage you to follow through and witness these artists’ oeuvre firsthand.

Khaled Jarrar (Ramallah)

This artist is NFT-auctioning a handful of Palestinian soil: colonization on blockchain.

Malak Mattar (Gaza)

This painter has emerged as one of Gaza’s brightest art voices.

Mohammed Al Hawajri (Gaza)

This multidisciplinary artist connects the 360-dots of zeitgeist.

Dana Barqawi (Amman, Jordan)

This multimedia artists turns lost memories into diaspora’s pride.

Mohammad Sabaaneh (Ramallah)

Facebook recently suspended the account of this political cartoonist.

Ahmed Hmeedat (USA)

This Palestinian-American artist was an artist-in-residence at the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, DC.

A little bit of additional context:

For latest information, follow Eye on Palestine and journalist Ahmed Eldin.

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