Summer is heating up, so here’s a half-dozen cool music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next?! Tell me 🙂

Mahmood – Klan

When stylist Susanna Ausoni took over Mahmood’s image, the new direction was clear. No more looking like “some Italian rapper” but a pivot to embracing his Egyptian-Sardinian heritage with a queer twist. The payoff: this, Inuyasha, Kobra (recent singles) re-frame the artist as a video-style child of Lady Gaga and David Bowie! Ciao, bello.

Morris the Friend – Stalk Me

We stan mavericks who can self-style a beat. Morris the Friend did right by this gem differentiating between the pro and con personas of the song’s protagonist. The subversive switch up – a hoodie look coming across as more serious than a tailored suit worn over the nakedness – is delightful. Leave your Yeezys at my place anytime! 🙂

Feduk – Banger

Writing about Massimo Cantini Parrini‘s Oscar nomination for Pinocchio costumes in Fashion School Daily, I noted that the fairytale is experiencing a pop Renaissance. The world wonders what makes a Real Boy in the era of Fake News. Here is a noir take on a classic from stylist Nadi Yakovleva and one of Russia’s top hit-makers.

Tayc – Le Temps

An ode to overcoming hard times, making hard decisions, and celebrating personal liberation with some hard moves! With multiple narrative points of view, stylist Youth SMHR had a wardrobe challenge on their talented hands. Key fashion takeaway: never underestimate the super-power of a man in a white lace shirt!

Hanna & Kerttu – You Would Grow Up (Unfold)

A beautiful track for a beautiful cause: adoption rights for orphans at Children Are Waiting. The poignant subject matter is haunting and so is the styling. I had not considered Shibari bondage as a fashion choice but performance artist Tina Petrovskaia convinced me otherwise. + a nod to a dark wardrobe by Nomad Goba!

Jay Author – Kanchi II

I’m always excited by the Nepalese artists and their rooftop vision of the world. Young smooth operator Jay Author is gearing up to charm his way onto the global charts. Stylist Jemima Toms turns this lovelorn ballad into a dream-to-life tale with a single primary-blue gown. Reminded me of What Dreams May Come and its vivid determination.


Jon Batiste – Freedom

Is there a man in American music now more fearless in his fashion choices than Jon Batiste? If you got receipts, come forward, I got none. From that yellow short top to this shiny pink suit, his work with stylist Wintter Alex is a match made in music video heaven. Freedom is a masterclass in intergenerational fashion styling on a historic location! Hey, New Orleans in all your sun-kissed glory. Wintter Alex elevates the whole game. Onto stilts. Literally. Boom.

Extra Bonus

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I double-triple dare you to watch this performance (celebrating the show’s return to live audience after a 15-months coronavirus hiatus) and NOT feel grateful to be alive.

Meanwhile … Keep that June glow, stay tuned, stay styled!

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