Eurovision in Tel Aviv: Boycott, Divest, Sanction

or years, I’ve hosted a Eurovision watching party. I have sent my sms. “Twelve points go to…” is a seasonal catch phrase among my friends. This time, it is important to hold the government of Israel accountable for its systemic atrocities against the Palestinian people and their land. Instead of the telecast, I encourage y’all to support Palestinian music tonight. Below you will find six artists for your Palestinian playlist…

eurovision_2019Thanks to BDS pressure, Israel is reporting worst Eurovision tourist response in contest history (an estimated 1/4 of the Lisbon crowds last year)! The hospitality and restaurant industry is prepping for massive losses. To make matters worse/clearer, the broadcaster released a much-criticized “satirical” promo shamelessly exploiting military aggression, sex tourism, and other “myths”. As I shared in my Tel Aviv Fashion Week divestment piece, we must continue to follow the news as Palestine fights for freedom from occupation, to advocate policy change via various Boycott-Divest-Sanction strategies and to support relief efforts on the ground. Now, enjoy some awesome Palestinian music!

Tamer Nafar @tamer_nafar

A seminal figure in Palestinian hip-hop, his new single I’m Returning Home drops on the day of the Eurovision final! YES to brilliant defiance, creative perseverance & artivism!

Shadia Mansour @shadiamansour

Alternatively oft-referred to as “the First Lady of Arabic hip-hop”, this outspoken British-Palestinian rapper is headlining a Contro-Eurovision Concert in Turin, Italy tonight!

Akram Abdulfattah @akramvio

This Palestinian-American violinist keeps ancient traditions of instrumental music alive and very well while rocking insta-influencer-savvy bearded looks on his ‘gram.

Ettijah Band

This women-powered hip-hop collective from the Dheisheh Refugee Camp bears witness to the daily manifestations of generational trauma of Palestinians under occupation.


This Palestinian indie rock band takes us on a melodic journey from the rooftops to the tree roots and back in search of a safe place to call one’s own. I love that guitar bridge!

Samah Mustafa @samah_mmustafa

This musician and singer is also a music therapist seeking and cultivating healing through the sights and sounds of the beautiful and resilient nature of Palestine.

Palestine Music Expo @palestinemusicexpo

This annual multi-day event in Ramallah brings together the best of the Palestinian music scene with international festival organizers, venue bookers and producers. You can browse their archives to discover more Palestinian artists!

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Special thanks to Darius Khalid for pointing me in the right direction(s)!


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