Spring is in the air! Here is a half-dozen fresh music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next for this monthly series?! Tell me 🙂

Pussy Riot – Sexist feat. Hofmannita

Russia’s legendary punk activists released their new track for International Women’s Day. Styled by band’s own Nadya Tolokonnikova, stylist Salavat Kypere and kink dominatrix Soma Snakeoil, the video is every bit as NSFW provocative as you’d expect from folks who turned balaclavas into anticlerical femme power symbols.

Vitaa & Slimane – De l’or

The French do cheese so well that when their cultural output gets cheesy, it still feels and looks delicious. Styled by Jerome Baud Capriati and Juliette Rivin-Ricque, this time-traveling video proves the adage “fashions change, style is forever”. I warned y’all [grins]. Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be sword fighting with Slimane in my mind.

Cysoul – Charlène

Cameroon’s rising star is single-handedly bringing heartthrobing back worldwide, one hit at a time. Outfitted and styled by Mougnal’s Créations, this video is a great example of single-brand collaboration which lets the artist & the designer shine. Color-full or monochrome, Mougnal’s philosophy of Afrochic is as cool as Cysoul’s vocals.

Doja Cat – Streets

If you are coming for Halle Berry’s Catwoman legacy while gunning for Flashdance iconography, you better team the f*ck up with visionaries whose technical precision is matched by the boldness of their ideas. Luckily, Doja Cat met her match in designer and stylist Brett Alan Nelson. I wasn’t sure this premise could work, but it sure did. Bravo. Meow.

Victor Jackson – Lights, Camera, Action

We’ve seen artists do good self-styled style-the-beat work. That bar has been raised so high now, I’ve fallen over trying to look up to Victor’s talent(s). Dropping Denzel and Greta Garbo in the same breath, he makes clothes his sultry backing vocalists. It’s the first time I felt myself getting thirsty for… an embroidered vest. This video is couture.

Rayden – La Mujer Cactus y el Hombre Globo

I’ve been a fan since his Haz de Luz video. Muy emocional. This novella, affectionately styled by Lucho Campos in soft textures and complementary colors, makes you wanna fall in love with a disarmingly beautiful stranger… in Madrid. ASAP. The familiarity of these looks and characters reminds me it’s possible to meet great new people again. Soon.


Chelsea Grays – Homage to 2020 (F/W Collection Presentation)

I stan my students, at large. In 2019, Academy of Art University alumna traded San Francisco for Paris and been revving up menswear insiders’ attention with delightful deconstruction of masculine aesthetic(s). I include her recent presentation, because A) I loved it and B) it looks like a cool Reggie music video. Y’all better follow Chelsea now.

Meanwhile … Stay spring-fresh, stay tuned, stay styled!

Check out previous installments of my Style the Beat series here.


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