MENhattan by Academy of Art U.

To butcher paraphrase Leo Tolstoy, all art schools are alike, but global fashion academies are unique in particular ways. I would know. I teach at two: Academy of Art University in San Francisco & International Fashion Academy in Paris. I had told you about the IFA collections from June in “Next Level Upping“. In September I live-streamed the New York Fashion Week showcase for the Academy of Art University graduates. Here are three menswear designers who intrigued me. MENhattan keeps looking sharp!

Qing Guo

Inspired by childhood memories of making paper lanterns with her father, the designer made outerwear float along the horizon of dreams… That pink top? Ufff, I wish me a list to wishlist upon! Follow @quing.g_ and learn more about her design process. 

Chelsea Grays

A “political designer”, Grays channeled her degree in psychology and social justice concern for the homeless into a Jean-Michel Basquiat sketchbook of a collection. While I remain anti-camouflage, this was a bright-side take on it. Follow @__chelsea.g and learn more about her design process.

Christopher Cabalona

He had me at those coin purse closures! Bleached to the bone, these garments told a whimsical tale of dreamers dreaming their dreamy dreams. Clowns, businessmen, merchants, the lot. This gives me major Valencian vibes and Barceloneta vibes and I can’t get enough! Cabalona is my the-one-to-watch one. Follow @chris_cabalona and learn more about his design process.

Ok, I lied about three designers again. Here are two more, two looks each. They were just too good not to share with the Post-Paris world! These days I am feeling Yaryna Zhuk‘s controlled monochrome chaos in my veins and Abby Yang‘s sense of volume sets butterflies aflutter in my heart. Follow @yarynazhuk and @aaabbbyyya

Check out the NYFW collection of ALL the Academy of Art University fashion graduates in a special report on Fashion School Daily and follow @academyufashion for updates.

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