STYLE THE BEAT 19: No Fools April

With practical jokes out of the way, this spring means business for those en route to/from a New Normal. To keep company, and beat – are we there yet !? – here is a half-dozen fresh music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next for this monthly series?! Tell me 🙂

beabadoobee – Last Day On Earth 

What do you wear to the last day on Earth? This premise used to involve Bruce Willis or Will Smith, with or without a spacesuit. Now we all know the real answer: it’s gonna be pajama bottoms and zoom tops. However, stylist Marion Brillouet turns Armageddon into a neighborhood party worth attending. Sign me up shoop de shoop de doop!

Serpentwithfeet – Fellowship

While Lil Nas X is raising hell on the charts, it’s time to enjoy fellowship of other queer artists manifesting their truths with breathtaking boldness. Stylist Kadeem Johnson tells the story of chosen-family resilience with tunic shirts in orange, yellow, and pink. Here is to many more sunrises and sunsets, solstices and equinoxes together!

Lido Pimienta – Coming Thru

The Colombian-Canadian artist serves up an inter-cultural feast. This stunning visual experience comes from a visionary team: costumes by Les Jesus, make-up and nail art by Karla Donato, hair sculptures by Mariana Pama, and styling by Ricardo Arenas, a truly watch-out/coming-thru talent to keep in mind! Now, let’s watch it again.

Greentea Peng – Nah It Ain’t The Same

There is A LOT going on here, and all of it is so good! From fact-checking the fact checkers to the whirlwind travelogues to the parade of hats and headwraps, stylist Jake Songui-Hunte keeps it moving while keeping it together with his on-point texture game. “I believe in magic ’cause I’ve seen it” goes the song. I believe in Jake now.

Miss Petty & Slaytiiina – Jsem Tučná 

Contrary to the English-language lipsynch echo chamber, RuPaul – with all due glam! – does not run all the drag races. Local queens own their wigs! This historic Czech-Slovak duo sex up cultural diplomacy, and costumes by Princess Tiramisu and Aladdin Jane put the cherry – all the cherries! – on top of this soft-hard serve.

Sunni Colón – Provide

Another fine example of multi-hyphenated talent, Sunni Colón wrote, directed, edited, produced, starred and styled this video. It will soak you to the bone with its springtime vibes thanks to a kaleidoscope of sundrenched floral prints. When it comes to this month’s feel-better jam that’s a real non-guilty pleasure to look at, Sunni provides.

Meanwhile … Stay fool-proof, stay tuned, stay styled!

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