STYLE THE BEAT 26: Weathering Winter Blues

When life gives you style and beat, you make @stylethebeat. In 2022, the series will continue on while launching its Instagram page. Like, follow, etc! Here is the lastest half-dozen music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next? Tell me 🙂


This video gave me “one more reason to restart” my commitment to celebrating fashion styling in music videos. Stylist Michelle Watson used shirts as an eloquent language for emotional storytelling. From a pristine blank page to asymmetrical patchwork with a few fiery stops in-between… Ain’t that a life?!

Anitta – Boys Don’t Cry

This video is an homage to the one and only Thriller, every afterschool special and zombiedom. Styled by Sita Abellán, herself a powerhouse fashion muse, it features earrings by Alan Crocetti, the go-to jewelry designer for the bad boys, bad girls, and bad folx of pop. Plus, a wedding dress as an exclamation point!

Mondo Grosso – In This World

– We need an outfit that can dance, run, and fly. – Did you say fly? – Yes, fly! … While the track features Ryuichi Sakamoto on the piano and Hikari Mitsushima on the vocals, the video is a masterclass in superb styling by Haruhisa Shirayama for Shirayama Jimusho. We need more of this, please, “in this world”!

Julian King – Can We Go Back

Stylist Mohammad Diallo curates a kaleidoscope of awesome knitwear that gets you at once tangled in your feelings and emotionally cocooned for your heart’s safety. I did go back to watch the video again, and again, and I gotta sing praises to that butterfly sweater as the song’s spiritual metaphor.

Tanxugueiras & Rayden – Averno

Tanxugueiras’ song Terra was a fan favorite for Spain’s entry in Eurovision 2022. Scandalously, the jury swayed the vote elsewhere. Their new track with Rayden (Style the Beat alumnus himself) is styled by Paloma Gras with plenty of pizzazz and drama. Spanish passion burns bright even in monochrome!

Small X – Price

I’ve previously written off using a noose for an accessory as “careless styling“. My point still stands, and… Stylists Zouagui Noureddine and Fazou Ramdi make a compelling counterpoint in this striking video from one of Morocco’s hottest hip-hop artists. The storytelling power of fashion is in its sociocultural context!

Meanwhile … winterize your heart, stay tuned, stay styled!

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June Jambalaya‘s lip-synch cover of Boo’d Up features all the animal print in the animal kingdom, rainbow hoop earrings and a snake-kissing cameo from Sharok, the reigning King of Gay Porn. What’s not to lust?!

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