As we brace for the remainder of 2020 to bestow more of its complex blessings in many disguises, here is a random half-dozen music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next?! Tell me 🙂

Tobe Nwigwe – Make It Home

If this “monochrome” video doesn’t make your skin crawl with awe, check your goddamn pulse! Then check #BlackLivesMattter edition of this series. Styled by himself, Tobe makes every fold, cut and crease speak volumes. “I make purpose popular”, says his insta-bio and that is correct.

Calema – Allez

I am a guilty-pleasure fan of this good-vibes-only duo from Portugal. They are talented far beyond my unrequited xxx-fantasies. Shot in the magical Azores Islands, this forever-summer video features a colorful wardrobe sourced entirely from the Queen & King Boutique in Ponta Delgada. Let’s go!


“Is there anyone out there to get me out of my head?” asks the Iranian-Dutch marvel Sevdaliza. I cannot get out of the melancholy spell this video put on me, thanks in part to the crispy starched styling by Lorena Maza. Way to find complexity in the “mere” duality of identities and colors!

Klava Coca  & Niletto – Crush

Trigger warning: technicolor asphyxiation! These two rising Russian pop stars take it to the clear blue skies and the rolling green fields as if Tom & Jerry meets The Aeronauts 🙂 Notably for PostParis, anyone who manages to rock men in pink is a friend for life. Y’all go give stylist Lada Vysokova some requited love!

FKA twigs – a sad day

My love of coats is well documented, so this was destined to be a trench lovefest. When I discovered that stylist Matthew Josephs is followed by such “friends in common” as supernova model Aaron Philip, multitalent powerhouse Riz Ahmed and Mous Lamrabat, a photographyer so unique, his vision is referred to as Mousganistan … it was anything but a sad day 🙂

VTEN – Yatra

This video came out of “left field” for me; which is center stage as far as I’m concerned. My favorite USA-based shaman mentioned his favorite Kathmandu-based hip-hop arist and having witnessed Nepali cultural resilience firsthand, I was IN from the getgo. While this is “a concert video”, I look forward to learning more about the artist and his style(s) in the years and posts to come. Cover image for this edition comes from VTEN’s Instagram.

Meanwhile … Stay random, stay tuned, stay styled!

Check out previous installments of my Style the Beat series here.

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