STYLE THE BEAT: Black Lives Matter

Coast to coast. Sea to shining sea. ‘Round the whole wide world. Black Lives Matter. Here is half-dozen music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next?! Tell me 🙂

Teyana Taylor – Bare Wit Me

Horrible timing for a terrific project! Trigger warning: this cinematic experience opens with a film noir suffocation of a (black) man. At any other moment in pop culture, this would have been a major music video event. Styled by Teyana herself with designs by Derron Cheery of Beeombi, it does justice to the legacy of Michael Jackson in the genre. And/or instead, I encourage y’all to watch her “You Made It” video featuring class of 2020.

Oxlade – Away

Shot on the stunning Cape Coast of Ghana, this summer anthem by Nigeria’s rising star is a whole mood, and then some, plus a Netflix pitch rolled into three minutes. “After you, game over” is a romantic déjà vu we all can’t get over. Stylist Eichie Moses keeps the visuals mighty fresh. While the characters try to get awa-away-away, I want in.

tobi lou – Waterboy 

This video came out exactly one year ago, but it is still pure fire. And water. Punk Adams introduced tobi to PostParis in 2018 and we stay grateful since. Styled by Avary Mitchell, it should satiate those in withdrawal from the cancelled Summer Olympics. Adidas gets prime product placement as do inflatable floating pink caskets. First Place Statement!

Lenny Kravitz – Ride

After the Carters leveled the Louvre, Monsieur Kravitz went to Paris to elevate Musée d’Orsay to higher ground. Most folks can “see” Lenny in (and/or out of) signature denims, leather + perfect storm of accessories, but stylist Giorgia Cantarini had to make a collab work for Vogue Italiatoo.  PSA: y’all better pause for arrival of actress/model Aliana King!

YelloPain – My Vote Don’t Count

Art is political. Full stop. Full steam ahead. The archives of “when fashion met music met elections” are crammed with discounted Rock the Vote merch. YelloPain takes us to the front of the civics class while campaigning for Desiree Tims for Congress in some Born Fly outfits. The artist has some stellar fan apparel himself, so go cast your money right.

Missy Elliott – Cool Off

A legend other legends hail as legendary deserves an entire Style the Beat class. Styled by June Ambrose, this final Iconology installment puts Missy Elliott on a literal pedestal she physically can’t be & metaphorically won’t ever be knocked off of. It takes the utmost potent alchemy of fashion and music to set the industry and fandom on fire by telling both to cool off. Whenever she tours next, I’m selling an organ for front row.

#CoolOffChallenge got me through the coronavirus lockdown. Glory be on her page:


Dax – Black Lives Matter

Eyewitness to (R)evolution + zeitgeist manifesto, this video was delivered overnight by Damien Sandoval. Let’s note Karter, Dax’s tracksuit protagonist, launched in 2017 by Chris Ngo exclusively in “inner city” retail deserts. Inspired by hip-hop lineage, the brand is rooted in economic aspirations & social power of the Black community. #BLM

Meanwhile … Stay activist, stay tuned, stay styled!

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