Spring has finally sprung… and here is a half-dozen fresh music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next for this monthly series?! Tell me 🙂

Years & Years – Starstruck

In honor of Olly Alexander going solo with his career, stylist Nick Royal – in the Post-Paris pantheon since a year ago – dressed the pop darling in a pajama party. If a head stuck in the clouds is a bad thing, I don’t wanna be right.

Japanese Breakfast – Posing In Bondage

There is a lot going on in this haunting video (is it post-apocalyptic or pre-apocalyptic?!) and all of it is mesmerizing thanks to stylist Cece Liu‘s sharp eye for an (under)statement piece. How wow-now is that opening look/still?!

Seeva – Princess

I am mad late to this listening party (y’all knew about Seeva?! and didn’t tell me?! unfriending in 3-2-1), but I’m happily staying for the slaying. With mood-textures and color-layers, stylist Nipun Shah is on my must-stalk-watch list now.

TOMM¥ €A$H – Racked

The Baltic’s naughtiest bad-boy is at it again; this time in Mareunrol’s terrific period costumes. The Latvian duo Marite Mastina & Rolands Peterkops have been designing for Europe’s best opera houses since 2012. It’s proper epic.

Diogo Piçarra featuring Bispo – Monarquia

“Because all that is good ends quickly” muse Portugal’s broodiest bros. Stylist Sara Peterson hushes the over-dramatic choreography with mid-Atlantic shades of nude and enough silver to replace the moon over Lisbon. Eu gosto!

Lous & The Yakuza with Sfera Ebbasta featuring Shablo – Je ne sais pas

When two eccentricity-prone stars collide, the audience gets a trainwreck or a miracle. Stylist Elena Mottola made sure Belgium’s boldest chanteuse and Italy’s most extravagant rapper kept their rendezvous on the divine side of wow.

Meanwhile … Stay alert, stay tuned, stay styled!

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