No Country for Quixote: Barcelona Fashion Week

The 23rd edition of Barcelona Fashion Week has just wrapped. I got curious what’s happening in BCN menswear circa fall-winter 2019. Aye, the Catalan hombres ain’t bad, at all. Here’s what-who I’m wish-listing. Y tu?! Get back at me on my socials.

Best-in-ShowPablo Erroz. Me gusta los colores, mixed textures and the laid-back vibe. I’d love to pull off that half-sequined shirt, one day. That is my quixotic quest!

Push My Buttons: Brain & Beast. I’m NOT into logo-mania, but Ángel Vilda subverts iconic branding of Hermès, Tiffany and the lot. Plus, that denim cape is f*cktastic!

Well Worn World: Umit Benan. I don’t care whatever he did at Trussardi, my heart belongs to his own line; a vision of urban elegance both dated and ahead of its time.

Details, Details, Details: Antonio Miro. Here for those zipper-fluff shirts & reason-less buttons on sweaters. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the total look.

Piece It Together: if I had to head-to-toe myself, I’d go for JNORIG shorts (is that waistline included?!), the Killing Weekend 360-collar top, the wicked 113 Maison boots and an essentially gender-neutral Oscar Leon hat. Call me by my monochrome!

Global Done Right: CHULAAP. Thai South African designer Chu Suwannapha mixes his cultural heritages into a coherent stylistic lineage. Appreciation, not appropriation!

Global Gone Wrong: Mans Concept. I was like, wait. Is Gucci showing in Barcelona? The color palette, fungly aesthetic, gratuitous turban… A Eurowhite man goes to India once and voila! Designer Jaime Alvarez Perez is a 24 years-old recent fashion school grad. All the emerging savior awards must add pressure. Without excusing any of the questionable homages, I shall return here for a more conceptual critique, because I see a promise when I see one… That suit is solid fashion (pink) gold! #ThankYouNext

Show/Heart Stopper: One Red Hat. I saw this Z1 look coming down the runway and wanted to run away. Or, tackle it. I know this hat ain’t that hat. Robin Givhan diagnosed it as “an inflammatory declaration of identity” and was right. Halfway around the world, there is no escaping the MAGA saga! For now, I’ma shake it off and count my coins/blessings for at least one of the above items. Gracias, Barcelona! Hasta luego!

Z1 … is not MAGA

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