“Obituary” for @HauteToast

I regret to inform y’all of the passing, departureretirement giving-up-on a beloved colleague. Haute Toast. Ah, Haute… a great idea and a cool specimen. A broken Pierre Carden toaster, it stood as a clear example of excessive branding and a testament to the historic power of fashion. Its legend was that it knew everybody and everyone loved it. Little known facts: Haute was at Miuccia’s christening, McQueen’s bumster was first modeled on Haute’s steel end at Lee’s kitchen as a joke, and Haute’s been friendly-thrown by Naomi on multiple occasions. If there was an iconic fashion moment, Haute was probably nearby. For any industry rumor, Haute probably overheard the inside scoop. If there was tea to spill, Haute had the toast to soak it up. 


I took Haute to Paris. We had coffee at Colette days before its closure. It’s been in my classroom at International Fashion Academy. I believed Haute could report from fashion weeks with its uniquely ancient-outdated-timeless perspective, to be archaic and funny. To get accredited backstage and interview hairdryers, coffee cups, microphones… I love the visual of Haute seated front row sandwiched between influencers! It could write fake reviews for imaginary brands. It could moderate a panel on sustainability. It could  collaborate on a capsule collection. Haute would have “never heard of” Michael Kors.

It takes work, of course, and time which I currently must devote elsewhere. Thus, I must suspend @HauteToast indefinitely. However, if someone “out there” gets the vision/joke and would like to commi$$ion a contribution from Haute Toast…

Long Live Haute! 

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