When I started Style-the-Beat series, I expected to have fun watching lots of music videos on purpose.  I didn’t expect to find a Purpose all its own. In the past year, I discovered that the work of stylists on music videos often goes unreported and under-appreciated. I searched for any styling information on too many videos that apparently didn’t have anyone “working wardrobe”… Such persistent omission was heartbreaking, because stylists are true magicians behind so much iconic imagery in music videos. Therefore:

Style The Beat will become an independent platform on March 20, 2019.

UPDATE: so that didn’t work out & a year later Style the Beat came home to PostParis

Meanwhile, here’s a half-dozen music videos that made me go wow-now re: fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who should I be checking out next? Tell me. Thanks 🙂

Childish Gambino “This is America”

First, some other resources’ best-of for 2018… Laconically styled by Natasha Newman-Thomas and Dianne Garcia, this winner of the 2018 Booooooom TV Awards Best Music Video category has entered pop culture history with nearly half a billion views and counting. Check out three deserving runner-ups for a familiar malamente face and note the critical role styling plays in each.

Joan Dausà “La Gran Eufòria”

This winner of Spain’s 2018 Soundie Awards for Best Music Video in Catalan language was immaculately styled by Nestor Reina. In fact, I’d argue that it was precisely all the myriad wardrobe choices that made this video such an engaging experience! And you thought that falling more in love with those bright Barceloneta vibes was impossible after Sidonie’s Maravilloso… 

Nathan Ramos “Gay Asian Country Love Song”

I could watch this all day every day. Yes, this video hasn’t met a country cliché it didn’t indulge in, but it also has embraced every gay cliché while at it. The result is undeniably awesome. The only thing missing is the name of a stylist who could handle all that rainbow leather. I promise to get to the bottom of this and/or the top of it. Style the Beat is a versatile undertaking, and under-giving. Lord, please, stop me! Just play the song!

Calema “Sombra”

Another example of an amazing “stylist-less” video… This Portuguese pop duo rocks some blackout looks and eye-catching accessories (those red & green rope belts, #wishlist!) on a Louvre-light set. I’d love to know which menswear designers are behind all this so I can stalk review them during the next edition of Lisbon Fashion Week in March. Shadows haven’t looked this good in a while!

Robyn “Send To Robin Immediately”

If this looks like cute B-roll from a lookbook shoot, it’s because that’s kinda what it is. Robyn channeled two decades of music-fest-street cred into a Björn Borg capsule collection in collaboration with her longtime stylist Naomi Itkes. It’s gender-neutral, if you need it to be. Any which way, these pieces are pretty self-confident which is Robyn’s feted modus operandi even when she’s dancing on her own 😉

Bearoid “Por Dentro”

Sumptuously styled by Aurora Canos with earth-toned color blocking, this video was shot in Valencia-Mi-Amor and features a neighborhood friend, dancer Marc Sans Coëffard. Who could ask for anything more?! I love the contrast of vacant, water-less spaces with the flesh ‘n blood witness of the clothes. This is what urban resistance looks like.

Check out previous installments of my monthly Style the Beat series here.



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