Here’s a half-dozen recent music videos that made me go wow-now re: fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who should I be checking out next? Tell me. Thanks 🙂

Maxwell “Shame”

Mark my words: you gonna hear more about this one! Couture-styled by Nicolas Klam with creative direction by the incomparable Sissi Johnson, this video is raising a media tidal wave with folks from Vogue to ELLE gearing up for the #FeelNoShameChallenge. I just might get on board and so should you! A MUST SEE.

Pablo Alboran “Tu Refugio”

It screens like a trailer for an Oscar-winning family melodrama. With Pablo low-key styled by Twins Stylist and the cast by Prado Bernal, this video gets a nomination in the Beat My Heart Skipped Awards. Having seen Pablo perform live earlier this year, I concur that he can be my refuge anytime. Clothing optional.

Najoua Belyzel “Cheveux aux Vents”

If you could take only one book dress with you to a deserted (music video) island… Couturier Patrick Boffa designed and styled an entire emotional universe with just two monochrome looks. This video makes one let the proverbial hair down and salute the angels of our romance-colored dreams.

Spice “Black Hypocrisy”

From protest slogan T-shirts to couture gowns, Spice herself and Xtreme Arts style this historic Public Service Announcement with nonchalant fierceness that make the message of colorism or any intra-community hypocrisy ring true across the identities spectrum. For white audience (like myself) this is required listening.

Zivert “Green Waves / Зеленые волны”

Stylist Kate Zacharova pulls off an alchemist-level stunt: the 1980’s (all of ’em!) plus Star Trek and Jessica Simpson on roller skates, multiplied by every soap opera diva ever, divided by scarlet nail polish. It’s basically Pretty Woman starring Irene Cara and Alf, in Russian. Warning: good luck unsticking that beat from your head.

Sidonie “Maravilloso”

Cotton-candy-styled by Magda Cano Dies, the textile-tactile narrative of this marvelous video manages to upstage Barcelona (!) … I say marvelous not just as an obvi-nod to the title, but because this adjective means “extremely good or pleasing” and that it is! You gonna wanna to pastel-up your wardrobe and price out tix to BCN.

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