Got that summertime sadness?! Here’s a half-dozen recent music videos that made me go wow-now re: their fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who should I be checking out? Send your summertime nudes links: FacebookInstagram, email. Thank you!

Rosalia “Malamente” 

My current obsesión! I dare you to blink during this heart-whopping display of socio-erotic tension, a Spanish specialty. Styled by Cris Quer, this film (can’t call it a vid!) features must-haves from Spain’s it-designers Maria Escoté, Pepa SalazarOlga Macià, Victor Von Schwarz and others. Check out the look-by-look breakdown here.

Punk Adams “Corner Store”

Vogue apostles drop their best-est moves right onto Malcolm X Boulevard in Brooklyn! That’s the spirit of this street-styled collab between Punk Adams, Reggie Rude and Dope the Director. P.S. The credit card said “what for”?! LOL Been there, didn’t buy that.

Troye Sivan “Bloom”

The song was credited with “saving gay sex“. The music video saves the genre! Imagine if Anne Geddes and Robert Mapplethorpe had a few cocktails and… well, just watch what happens. Styled by Kyle Luu, this bouquet has every kind of petal and thorn!

Slimane “Luna” feat. Boostee

This women-first video is a directorial debut from my favorite French chansonnier.  Stylist Romain Antonini steers the monochrome concept away from its Dove Beauty referential trap into an independent multi-visionary territory. Teamwork for the win!

Angelica Varum “Torrential Rains”

One of style icons from the Russian estrada (pop music) keeps her cool in this IKEA meets Tinder advertorial featuring golden pants by golden boy Jean Gritsfeldt (best served on ice). Spoiler alert: non-Russian speakers scroll to the end of the post.

La Casa Azul “Ataraxia”

NSFW! But oh so suitable for a well-lived life! This summer’s most deliciouxxx love story comes from director Juanma Carrillo and stylist Conchi Espejo who make us catch our breath, hold our breath, forget to breathe and remember to cherish that first deep post-orgasm breath!

Torrential Spoiler: that’s her son! He says “Mom, I gotta go!” before the kiss.

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