Here’s a half-dozen recent music videos that made me go wow-now re: fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who should I be checking out next? Tell me. Thanks 🙂

Janet Jackson feat. Daddy Yankee “Made for Now”

Janet Jackson has been made-for-now since solo debut in 1982! Styled by Aquiles Carmona and Claude Lavie, the vid expands her reign with pan-African styles. AND, wow to see Kenneth Barlis suits make a big splash 3 years after I’ve singled ’em out as Best-in-Show at TOM* Men’s Fashion Week! Excuse me, I gotta victory-dance now.

Max Dmitrieff “We Are All Stories”

Styled by Born In Berlin, the Balletto Teatro di Torino dancers move through a landscape of urban fables akin to best-of Tom Waits, Nick Cave & Serge Gainsbourg.

For another stellar dance-fashion-music collab check out: Oteyza Marks Madrid!

half alive “still feel.”

Imagine Napoleon Dynamite in a Wes Anderson casting demo reel… Stylist Madelaine Turner manages to keep the revenge of khaki pants real cool. Long live Nerdgeekdom!

Desi Valentine “The Highlights”

No cyber tears are shed in this brazen anthem for the insta-victims among us. Styling by Jasmine Ash really brings out that James Bond enters the Matrix vibe of the video.

Check out Desi’s kiss-me-hard rendition of Summertime Sadness, too!

Christine and the Queens “5 dollars”

This PG-13 video, xxx-styled by Edem Dossou and Kenny Germe, will gender-bend you into wondering if you own enough harnesses. You don’t. Never enough harnesses!

Lyla June featuring Desirae Harp “Time Traveler”

“The underlying prayer is always the same.” This evocative video reminds all that Indigenous sacred elements and accessories are for holistic community organizing and NOT for culturally appropriative fashion consumption. Learn more about the artist!

P.S. The cover image for this installment comes from illustrator Annika Heller.

Check out previous installments of my monthly Style the Beat series here.


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