Birdman vs. Phoenix: Kenneth Barlis

First time we met, Kenneth Barlis brought me flowers and I wholeheartedly fell for him it. Hashtag, Best-in-Show. This season, returning to TOM* in Toronto, the designer seemed to tone down his exuberant aesthetics. The floral prints dried up to sketchpad contours. The color palette burnt down into earth tones. Key word: seemed. You can lock up the kids’ crayons, but you won’t get their imagination to give up vivid, wild, weird, one-of-a-kind dreams. The Birdman / Phoenix superhero reference aside, all this sh*t is super fly. The jeweled V-neck sweater, the gold leaf feathered jacket, the sunny-side-up Santa Monica Pier styling… Barlis can’t help himself but turn his wearers into the brighter star versions of themselves. As soon as I transition into the income bracket where a reasonable $1200 for a suit is not a decisive style factor, I’m booking my bespoke appointment. Until then, I’ll be signing my reviews love letters to Kenneth as #WishListFashionista. Sincerely, Alexey Timbul

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