Heading (back) to Tbilisi for the spring-summer 2018 edition of its fashion week. I’ve covered #MBFWTbilisi for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Gorizont (Russia) previously. Moving forward, here is a look-back at half a dozen names that linger on my mind from last season … I can’t wait to see what these designers have been up to next!!!

ANOUKI @anouki

Georgia’s resident fashion alchemist, designer Anouki Areshidze mixes ‘n matches, juxtaposes & counter-balances looks that are bigger than a sum of haute style parts.

VASKA @va_s_ka

Pirates of the everyday, earnest monks at odds with their vows, downtown sorcerers, internal warriors and time-travelling nomads: Vaska Tabatadze designs for the all-few.

TL-180 @tl180

50-50 Italian/French equals 100% სიყვარული urban mountainside luxury dreamscape flawless la dolce vita oui bien sur wait, now who’s obsessed with the Confetti bag?!

Djaba Diassamidze @__djaba__

The most dramaticouture erotintense glam-fetish-tastic presentation I’ve seen… (ever?) I’m just making up words to make up for lack of breath during the start-to-end of this.

Atelier Kikala @atelierkikala

A mix of almost-hits and near-misses, the attitude is strong with this one. Like a five year old (since 2012), it’s great to watch this brand discover its own oh-yeses and uh-ohs.

BESSARION @b.e.s.s.a.r.i.o.n

I’ve seen Bessarion hold court on the runways of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tbilisi for six years now. His picture should be in the dictionary under aplomb. Man’s a force.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi takes place November 2-6, 2017.

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