ANOUKI: Campaign for Dolce Vita

Kakha Kaladze. This was the name on everyone’s lips, tongues and minds in autumnal Tbilisi. Georgian footballer who had won the UEFA Champions League trophy twice with AC Milan had secured another hard-earned title. Mayor of Tbilisi. A handsome mayor. Like, Trudeau – Macron Handsome. Presidential. The venue for Anouki’s show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi suddenly turned from a spring-summery collection backdrop into a geopolitical rendezvous platform. The greenhouse at the massive Expo Georgia welcomed guests of designer Anouki Areshidze, the First Lady of Tbilisi. Stories like this are tabloid fodder and history textbook material.

Anouki is one of few well-sellers who had broken through the post-Soviet style divide to a wider fashion audience in EU and beyond. Hers isn’t a woman of mystery. Season to season, there is no drastic haphazardness disguised as brand evolution. She has patched her signature asymmetrical mosaic from boardroom staples, exes’ shirts and next-party dresses with a dash of good luck for the style-superstitious. There are paillettes, crystals and/or ribbons. On everything. It should be gaudy, but it it isn’t. The magic of Anouki is in her lax perfectionism. A working mother and a political spouse? She ain’t got time for faux pas. [more after images]

#DolceVita. A collection’s theme, a cliche, “nice work if you can get it.” Set to the era-defining beats of Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Ryan Paris, the show was as much a celebration of aspirational Italian holidays as a testament to Areshidze’s styling pedigree from Istituto Marangoni. Yes, her husband isn’t the only one with a triumphant Milano mark! In the end, as bloggers, paparazzi and state media wrestled for best shots of the smiling family, it was clear the moment belonged to history in the making. Campaign for Dolce Vita 2018. Anouki gets my vote. [more after images]

P.S. Now, try listening to that Ryan Paris track from the show (below) and imagine yourself wearing these clothes. I guarantee that’d put a pep in your step. Trick gets me through Mondays like a charm 😉

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