AKA NANITA: Love at Second Thought

Stay with me. I thought about many things during Aka Nanita‘s techno-soundtracked show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi. Here are my actual notes:

  1. I don’t like rhinestones on clothes. Accessories. Garments. No hybrids. Call me purist. Editor-at-large, Leviticus Homme? But… of those doing it, she’s doing it well.
  2. Must all designers do denim now?!?! Nanitashvili is exceptional at dresses: all the layers, pleats and folds. “You don’t have to do this.” This denim looks like giving up.
  3. The metallic matte gray-pink block-dresses are fantastic!!!!!!!! (Yes, I put eight exclamation marks) Her color-blocking can be subtle, hers is  the fashion of nuance.
  4. Does it help or hinder brand development when you are aesthetically different from the business peer group vying for same/similar customer pool? ‘Cause it’s different.
  5. Finale: wait, what … the Great White Caucasus Yeti Bride?!

Admittedly, these are either irrelevantly personal insights or rhetorical industry-wide oh-whyyys. What carries over from Aka Nanita’s spring-summer 2018 collection is a steady afterglow of a designer determined to thrive in a capricious market that expects funky jeans and exquisite gowns on demand… My fashion taste buds took this like a shot of anise liqueur: piercingly distinct flavor, quiet earthy finish, good for your style-digestive system. Aka Nanita, this is love at second thought.

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