Miquel Suay renders me breathless at first runway look so when I come up for air, I come out with an expletives ridden review. If last season was “f*cking gorgeous” then the fall-winter 2016-17 collection at Barcelona 080 Fashion Week is just f*cking great. All the elements that made me take notice earlier (a nuanced sense of line, subtle mix of textures, grounded color palette, and masterful storytelling) were still there to fall in love with. From designer’s notes: “Eight. is movement, rhythm. A perfect balance of energies. S’esses drawing a clear path to infinity, the never-ending search. A rocking movement for those who seek change and cast into oblivion those who remain unchangedI am aroused and unashamed. I am interested and unafraid. From t-shirts to coats and throughout the layers in-between, the collection offers a plethora of choices for delivering public statements of inner confidence. It ain’t showy, but it’s unmissable. (More after the images)

Meanwhile. I know the jumpsuits are on the comeback mission all across the fashionsphere. For the record, should you reconcile yourself with the idea of sporting one, these Suay numbers are among the most pull-off-able pieces I’ve ever seen. [Post-Paris Comics presents… – Why are you so sad, Fashion Man? – A truly pull-off-able jumpsuit is hard to find! – No more! Suay saves the day! … Fashion Man thus donned that wondrous thing and the world was safe and fabulous again. The end.] But in all seriousness, so many jumpsuits off the recent runways come across as awkward adult onesies. Miquel Suay managed to put a sense of style (back) into a seemingly hopelessly unflattering garment.
Therefore. Miquel Suay continues his #TotalLookWishList reign in my world even if some of the layering at times seemed a bit forced for me. It being my solitary styling complaint, I’m willing to shut up and go get a life, and a Suay item or few… Onwards, Alexey Timbul

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