You know, sometimes you’d be lost in some thoughts, trudging along your routine to-from route and suddenly… you realize your eyes are feasting on a beautiful sunset?! Like, you’ve been looking right-the-f*ck at it for a while without really seeing it until this very moment?! You stop, stare, marvel. C’mon, that can’t be just me… 🙂 Valencian designer MIQUEL SUAY made me go oh-wow during 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. His spring-summer 2016 collection achieves exactly such an effect.

Inspiration: Mediterranean seabed adorned with semiprecious stones as a platform for discourse of cultures. Process: The dotted line of history between hallways of Alexandria library and the grand halls of United Nations (specifically, Room XX of Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations by artist Miquel Barcelo). Outcome: The bold color blocking, the subtle mix of textures, the abstract seashell prints. Statement: citizenship and diversity. Count me in.

Miquel Suay’s bio claims avant-garde prêt-à-porter as his modus operandi. The half-pleated shirts and diagonally cut jackets were a requisite nod to that. Part of me wondered why experiment when one could already make so much beauty accessible. Part of me cheered the ever-inquisitive designer spirit on. All of me decided to find the nearest of 300+ outlets worldwide where the brand retails. #TotalLookWishList

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