Best-in-Show (ISTANBUL): Önder Özkan

[Part of Vancouver-Istanbul fashion sister cities coverage]

Önder Özkan. Write this name down, in your finest cursive. Every fashion week has (or should have) a collection that defines its conceptual momentum. In his fall-winter 2015 presentation, Özkan manifested the complex vibrant Spirit of ISTANBUL: the asymmetrical layering of narratives, the mix of organic and synthetic fabrics as an homage to past and future histories, the hot ashes and cold blood color blocking, the continuously re-fractured kaleidoscope of influences that make up the dynamic whole of a city, a person, a life. Bravo. Önder Özkan claims he is “not interested in fashion trends, but would like to get in touch with souls of women.” Well, my feminine side is definitely enamored with this deceptively demure collection. And those wishlist bazaar bags… oh pack me up and carry me away, no bargaining required! I take the designer’s closing salute as a ciao-invitation to a lifelong relationship. Fashion can be faithful.

Önder Özkan on Instagram and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul via Facebook.

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