A roundup of other TOM* fall-winter 2015 collections to complete the Toronto mosaic.

Pedram Karimi // Save for the cool high-waist-belted coats which were easily wishlistable, “garments you should wear to set yourself apart or blend within the society you live in” did not really do that trick for me either way.


Diodati // Brand’s self-described “androgynous minimalism for the person uninhibited by societal ideals” seems precariously geared towards the Pride after-party gym-chiseled crowds. It’s a steady niche, someone’s gotta cater to it, k.


Andrew Coimbra // I respect the commitment to the idea of developing and mastering a signature print. It worked for Diane von Furstenberg and others. I’m not yet into this one, but I recon quite a few folks might and would be. All around a (too) safe bet.


Just Ta by Alan Ta // Beyond those faux-brows… there may’ve been interesting things to consider, but I got so hopelessly helplessly distracted by the presentation. In my best Cuba Gooding Jr. impression from Jerry Maguire: “Show. Me. The. Clothes!”

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