MEA CULPA: Andrew Coimbra SS’16

I may have been unfair to Andrew Coimbra in my first batch of Toronto menswear week reviews. That entire ETC/TOM* post was gratuitous simply ’cause I felt I had to say something about every participating designer. Of course, I don’t & moreover I should speak up only for something truly excellent or against something really aweful.

I was curious for his spring-summer 2016 collection and upset when the label didn’t appear on the schedule. Happy to come across the lookbook… and I am into this one, Andrew Coimbra. So totally in! It’s hard to upgrade streetwear staples: the shorts, the tunics, the baseballer jackets. Coimbra asserts his own artistic touch by subtly gender-bending each item and managing to create, perhaps, the most wearable men’s pink that I’ve seen in a long time. While y’all are roaming around Coimbra dotcomdom, check out his 3-in-1 coat… #WishList #Kudos #MeaCulpa

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