BIKE ME! Bike me real good!

Fall-Winter 2015 @ TOM* (Toronto)

I was pre-wrong… “Venturist Commuter Wear is a fashion brand that provides the right fit, form, function, and fashion for the everyday cycling commuter.” I read that description and figured, I’ve seen one windbreaker, I’ve seen ‘em all. Note to self: “Never underestimate your own ignorance.” The one TOM* collection I was not even going to look at turned out to be the one I’d buy on the most from. Ok, so the technicalities of actually riding a bike while wearing this, especially as a long-haul rider, appear rather questionable. Cases in point… Most pant legs seem wide enough to gamble with the chain, yet too tight for a comfortable roll-up. The mid-hip tunic is hardly ideal for most bike seats. Reflective detailing – a plus/must. “Hand-wash only” label is a bit of a surprise/bummer. However, the styling shifts gears between Cute and Adorable. My favorites are of the “I peddled through puddles of paint with no mud flaps” variety. And those awwwe-bowties?! Sure, their aerodynamics probably aren’t all that tour-de-francey, but then again, who’s competing? I remember my days as a leisurely cyclist on the Greenway of Minneapolis and yeah… this would have been (and is) a win-win.

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