Don’t Be Kollar Blind

Fall-Winter 2015 @ TOM* (Toronto)

When I fell for Kollar, I fell hard, calling it a Canadian fashion-ambassador to the world. Time to stand by my words or eat humble couture pie. Or clarify… Kollar makes awesome everyday clothes for (extra)ordinary men. Seeing its fall-winter 2015 collection at TOM*, I had just one thought: “These clothes that definitely aren’t made for the runway! They are clearly made for my closet.”

The one-two button hopscotch shirts and various fitted sweats looked out of place in the studio floodlights, but I bet each is a keeper with strong favorite potential. About that signature raised collar with a nautical knot ‘n hook… Sure, its shape resembles Kollar logo, but is it really comfortable around the neck? One way to find out 🙂 However, that take on a basic T-shirt which looks wicked-complex yet organically so… Instant wishlist, again!

kollar (2)

Now, a point for further post-paris discourse… Theoretically, regional/national fashion weeks allow for smaller-newer brands to showcase their work to a wider audience. However, is the runway format suitable for all types of designs? Could Kollar benefit more from any other ways to get their ideas across? Meanwhile, all hail KOLLAR! Ok, y’all don’t have to, of course, but I profess growing devotion.

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