Gearing up for TOM* (Toronto’s menswear week) coverage next week, I’ve been e-meeting its designer lineup. Totally taken-shaken-stirred by the work of David Kollar at his label Kollar Clothing. I’ve often felt that any talk of a perfected casual fit, attention to details and focus on eco-fabrics is just code for hipsterwear. Yet brand’s stated belief in making apparel that is “ravishing to be worn on the human body” made me second-guess myself. Ravishing?! Really?! How often do you hear that word used in menswear? Shift+F7 thesaurus double-check: gorgeous, enchanting, entrancing, delightful, ok… ravishing it is!

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I’m total-look-ly loving Kollar’s fall-winter 2014 lookbook: the textures, the layering, the colors. I imagine I oughta say something like “it reads authentically Canadian” but I’m aware enough of my limited Canadian imagery, stereotypes included. So instead I’ma go with… As a Canadian brand, Kollar plays fashion’s global ambassadorial role well. I also welcome a version of (white) masculinity represented here: longhaired yoga instructor about to chop some firewood. And he probably won’t take his double-finger ring off to do it.


Speaking of taking things off and putting them on… How ridiculously awesome crafted is that tank top?! However, none of the design choices comes across as mere bells ‘n whistles. Kudos! Why oh why international shipment charges are such a racket?!! Anyway, I can’t wait to see Kollar’s next runway show at TOM* on February 25.

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