Get.Act.Together! TOM*

Complaint department. To whom it may concern…

Dear TOM* organizing committee, get your act together. It’s day three of runway shows and as of it, your official online Press Room is still an entire season behind with no current updates, it’s a virtual hunt for any pics ‘n snaps all over the web… If Belarus Fashion Week can manage live-streaming, one could expect a certain degree of efficiency from Canada’s media capital. I really truly WANT to experience and share the work of Canadian designers. Please, believe my interest in David C. Wigley, Kollar Clothing, Joao Paulo Guedes and Patrick Salonga… I’m open to new favorites as well! For the love of product placement and corporate sponsorship, I promise that should I ever purchase an AUDI or a Trump Residence, I will celebrate said milestone with ALL of at least seven (!) alcoholic beverages promoted via TOM* Instagram in the last couple days. Can we, pretty please, get to some clothes now?

Sincerely, just another international fashion blogger



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