So a Brazilian went to India… and won 2014 Canadian Emerging Menswear Designer Award. Globalize this, fashion naysayers! Prepping for TOM* coverage next week, I was delighted to encounter Joao Paulo Guedes and his decidedly cosmopolitan vision. Oh I miss that word… cosmos + polis: a city as an entire world, a whole world as one city… pity, it pretty much got cocktailed into linguistic oblivion. For his spring-summer 2015 collection, Guedes textured black & gold looks with elaborate prints and his own fabrics. This stylistic adventure is precariously poised between gala-festive and a-tad-tacky. Then again, his logo is a goatee-bearded unicorn… You’d expect some camp. Given inspiration rooted in the lavish heritage of Bollywood and Carnival, I must actually commend the designer’s restraint. This may not be everyman’s everyday attire, but it’d sure be a visual thrill to spot anyone in any of these outfits anywhere at anytime. That jacket collar is soooh beautifully shaped and the gold-leaf non-bowtie is pure-glory. On Wednesday Guedes shows a collection based on Gothic churches… I’ma enthusiastically hold my breath and/or a Cosmopolitan. JOAO PAULO GUEDES (9) JOAO PAULO GUEDES (10) JOAO PAULO GUEDES (11)JOAO PAULO GUEDES (3) JOAO PAULO GUEDES (4)

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