Spring Equinox is a perfect time to renew our commitment(s) to that which gives us energy to pursue our dreams. #StyleTheBeat does that for me. Welcome to the first edition of 2023. Here are half-dozen recent music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I see next?! Tell me

Bryson Dude – All Over You

While Bryson is all over his love interest, we are all over Bryson’s cool wardrobe styled by Shanks Allow for Obvaz Collections in this gorgeous new video from director Zyga Phix who is quickly becoming one of Style-the-Beat’s favorite auteurs working in the genre not just in Africa (Uganda), but anywhere in the world. Dreamy vibes, dreamy looks, got us daydreamin’… like those rose petals floating in the pool.

NOVUS – Nada

Nada means “nothing” in Spanish. However, it is decidedly NOT nothing to style a whole band for a music video. Valencian punk rockers trusted the safety-pinned genius of Pablo Carcasona de Modistilla and the result is fresh, edgy, sexxxy. These looks work equally well in the industrial wasteland, in a limousine, and center stage on tour. That’s range and Carcasona got it. Check out Modistilla’s interview as our guest at IFA Paris last fall.

Rafet El Roman – Bana Sen Lazimsin

Directed and styled by Çamur Adam with costumes from Ümit Textil, this music video is a love letter to the bravery of activists who love their nation(s) enough to risk their life for a brighter future of a free people. The poignant visuals tell a story of what it takes to (literally) rise above it all and feel supported by your chosen community. It is particularly pertinent in the wake of police pepper-spraying a Women’s Day march in Istanbul this month. Fashion + Music = Politics!

Eduardo Jairycovich – Prende

Who’s here? What’s queer? (Never) get used to it! Written, performed, and self-styled by Valencian artist extraordinaire Eduardo Jairycovich, this homage to rave culture is unabashedly in-your-face when it comes to celebrating queerness in all its gender non-conforming glory. Respectability politics?! Never heard of her. I’m including a still image from the shoot, because the video is stupidly age-restricted on YouTube. Pride comes early this year!

Fatoumata Diawara – Nsera feat. Damon Albarn

If you see ONE music video this year… treat yourself to THIS one! “Learn about Africa” implores Diawara and her call to action is answered and echoed by the superb styling team of Dabby Naval and Adama Diop who champion the continent’s many colors, textures, and styles in fashion and beauty. Custom costumes by Momo Cissé contribute to the storytelling splendor. Tradition and innovation meet heartbreak and promise. This is haute couture social commentary!

Rotimi & Nektunez – Make You Say

When Nigerian-American music phenomenon teams up with Ghanaian-American music sensation, you get coast-to-coast iconic West African excellence gone global. Stylist Renaldo Nehemiah understood the assignment. Nah, all caps. RENALDO NEHEMIAH ACED THE ASSIGNMENT. The imaginary streets have never looked more alive with real desire of the people to be seen, heard, valued. And just wait till y’all get to those turquoise pants. I am still outta breath. Those damn turquoise pants took my breath away.

You know you did something special when even a DIY parody of your video goes viral:

Meanwhile … embrace the Equinox balance, stay tuned, stay styled!

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Tananai – Tango

I leave y’all with this hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking witness to history. It was a bold choice for an official submission to Sanremo 2023, the legendary Italian song competition which determines the country’s Eurovision entry. This video is created from the phone messages between a real Ukrainian couple separated by war: she is a refugee in Italy, he is a fighter on the front lines. “I will return on Monday. But it’s never Monday here“. May that Monday come to Ukraine asap. ASAP.


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