The cusp of April and May kick springtime into high gear. What seeds are you planting in your life? Here are half-dozen recent music videos that made me go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I see next?! Tell me 🙂

BLANCO & MINA – Un Briciolo Di Allegria

When two one-name all-caps stars collide, the pressure can be immense. At 83, Mina is a legend of Italian music. At 20, Blanco is the biggest new act in a generation. Their duet is instantly iconic. Reservedly styled by Tiny Idols, this music video pays homage to the monochromatic dramas of grand film auteurs from De Sica to Hitchcock. A pure bit of joy, indeed.

King featuring Nick Jonas – Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife)

We stan an intercultural crossover! This track puts two of the world’s finest-looking vocalists at the service of our greater fun good. Executed in fifty shades of earth tones, this music video is a collab between one of India’s hottest stylists Nikita Jaisinghani and a long-time Jonas family stylist Sydney Lopez. Is this how it starts? asks the song. Sure hope so! Can we have some more, sirs?!

Hozier – Eat Your Young

Nearly a decade after taking us to church, Hozier is back with another poignant exercise in poetic didactism. Ukrainian-American actress Ivanna Sakhno joins the singer for this antiwar manifesto. It is shot as a puppet theater production evokative of Francois Truffaut’s genius loss-of-innocence scene in The 400 Blows. Stylist Cristina Acevedo keeps things wholesomely minimalist.

Jackson Wang & Ciara – Slow

Another major-mega duet (with 70 million insta-followers, evenly split): Hong Kong’s coolest multihyphenate grooves with the queen of chart-topping collabs. Ramee Randall worked with Wang’s team of Ejoo Kim & Eunmin Kim to style the music video like a satin-clad gender reveal party. Too safe?! Talk amongst yourselves: Wang’s own recent Cheetah is a wilder fashion ride.

Nessa Barrett – American Jesus

Lana Del Rey called. She (does not) want her whole vibe back. The “white-gold trash” Americana sound/aesthetic got a new trouble-savvy princess. Stylist Miso Dam piles ‘n layers on the red-white-and-blue staples: distressed denim, tanktops, immitation lace and pleather, cowboy hats and Vegas boots, served with a generous side of stars-and-stripes. USA! U! S! A!

Jessie Ware – Begin Again

Stylist Ella Lucia must have said… “I’ll take your Studio 54 beat and raise you a whole High School Musical.” Everything in this music video is assymetrical, shimmering, flowing and/or see-thru. Ware’s red and black gowns feel like the only element working on any kind of binary. What a fun fashion kitchen sink! No need “to start again”, bullseye, no notes.

Meanwhile … enjoy the zenith of springtime, stay tuned, stay styled!

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