Braving the office air conditioning or heading out for an open air vacation?! Here is a half-dozen music videos to make you go wow-now on fashion styling. Who should I be checking next? Tell me 🙂

Fedez feat. Tananai & Mara Sattei – La Dolce Vita

If this music video were any more Italian, it’d make sweet (even if quick) love to you. Ciao! How many stylists does it take to outfit a whole beach?! Three, if you’re lucky to get Giulio Casagrande, Nick Cerioni, and Simone Furlan. Despite being a product placement reel for Gucci, the Adriatic vibes are reinforced by cast costumes from Roberta Blarasin. Meanwhile, there is trouble brewing along the Italian coastline as the government seeks to deregulate resorts in favor of global tourism operators over local businesses. Mamma Mia!!!

Spice Diana – Boss

Uganda makes its stellar Post-Paris debut… Directed by Zyga Phix, this charm-savvy sexxxy music video features a nude-to-uniform makeover, a dance off, a fiddler saxophonist on the roof, and a vintage sewing machine in action! Loving every frame, outfit, and beat, yes-please, more-please.

Loreen – Neon Lights

Who said a black leather suit is not suitable for summer?! Stylist Anna Sundelin begs to differ! Climate change be damned, this is the business of looking cool… You can see the full brand line-up here.

Todrick Hall – Sorry Barbie

That movie hasn’t come out yet and people are already disturbed by it. Ryan Gosling, show us on the doll where they hurt you to make you agree to do the film. Should you get the urge to see Barbie, just re-watch this music video again instead. Stylists Marco Marco, Orchid Satellite and Doug Johnson said “No apologies accepted!”

Arch Enemy – In the Eye of the Storm

Righting a wrong right now… For too long, Style the Beat had inadvertently overlooked heavy metal and heavily adjacent videos. Thanks to the costumes AND make-up done by the incredible Kami Zero, the genre is up on the radar! #PureFuckingMetal, indeed.

Kodak Black – Usain Boo

Stylist Ana Aranda taps into fifty shades of turquoise to outfit this sweaty laidback summer anthem: denim, athleisure, swimwear, balaclavas ‘n baseball caps, poolside shenanigans and one sky-fly Bentley. If your summer is nothing like this, you better get yourself a brand new different summer while you still can.

Meanwhile … hydrate like no one is watching, stay tuned, stay styled!

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P.S. this video is light like heavy rain,

Marcus Mumford – Cannibal

It’s not easy to make “a music video” for a song with child sexual abuse as its subject. Unless you are Spielberg. Yes, Steven Spielberg made his music video directorial debut (!). His spouse Kate Capshaw served as a dolly grip and producer while Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan (who happens to be Marcus’s wife) did the wardrobe. Haunting, shot for shot.

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