MEXICOOOMG: Nayeli + Michaell = Meow

I want to share three items that made me fall (right/back) in love with fashion in 2020. They arrived from Mexico, Prague and Valencia. First up is a story styled by Nayeli de Alba for Meow Magazine last December. The publication tags itself as “the onomatopoeia of fashion culture.” Onoma… is when the word is formed off the sound its subject makes. Like, buzz, bubble or Beyoncé. If this is what the future of Mexican fashion “sounds” like… I am eating it up every vowel, consonant and syllable. This is the most beautiful editorial I’ve seen in a long time. I want prints for my office. I want the model Michaell aka Abel Infuus to turn superstar. I want deep yet fun conversations about gendersex, decolonization, glitter-bombing hegemony of institutionalized memory. I want that damn belt dress. #Meow is the new wow, but Nayeli is still my favorite “wet dream stylist“!

Credits: photographer Dorian Ulises López Macías @dorianuliseslopez, make-up by Monserrat Uriostegui @monserraturiostegui, hair by Aldo Ek @aldo.ek, nails by Zai Vega @nailsbyzaiv, produced by Olivia Meza de la Orta @oliviameza, styling assistance by Ángel Susarrey @angel.susarrey. You may also see the look-by-look breakdown of the entire editorial featuring eleven Mexican designers directly on the Meow website.

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