From Russia with Green Waves: Kate Zacharova

Y’all dug the sublime absurdity of that green-waves video in October’s Style the Beat edition. I was happy to reach out to stylist Kate Zacharova and get her take on making things work even if, or especially when, the creative stakes are sky-high. Check out the video and its original write-up and get to know Kate better!

Zacharova pulls off an alchemist-level stunt in Green Waves by Zivert: the 1980’s (all of ’em!) plus Star Trek and Jessica Simpson on roller skates, multiplied by every soap opera diva ever, divided by scarlet nail polish. It’s basically Pretty Woman starring Irene Cara and Alf, in Russian. Warning: good luck unsticking that beat from your head.

How is music video styling different from other types of fashion-based projects?

There are no rules or boundaries for music videos. This attracts artists, directors, cinematographers, stylists that love to bring their most different dreams to life. Editorials, advertising campaigns and red carpets have certain protocols already in place. This is especially true for editorials, where each magazine dictates its own stylistic line. The process of styling for music videos is characterized by enhanced functionality of clothes and an opportunity to take an image from a sketch to the final frame. You get to factor in locations, set lights, any movement and personas of scripted characters.

Should a stylist always push the envelope or cater to their client wishes? 

It’s important to listen to the artists, of course. The most common request is not to be like “everyone else”, but to look different from peers and competitors in the music industry. Unfortunately, in Russia, paradoxically even, most performers are not ready to really experiment with style. They see something they like and want “kind of that”. I work with different types of stars and very few are ready to be risk takers!

Zivert_enotHow to hold the line between homage and parody in tackling iconic style moments?Julia (Zivert) had a well-established idea ​​and I materialized it with my own nuances. We referenced 1980’s fashion in details: the fit, the cut, the silhouette. And modernized it with contemporary textiles and accessories. Everything was designed and hand-sewn exclusively for the shoot! My favorite is the white suit. It turned out so laconic and elegant, complete with a hat from wonderful Russian milliner Lia Gureeva. I think this look captured the era well: nothing out of place or extra. zivert_hat

Whose styling makes you go wow-now?!

I adore Billi Eilish, Rina Sawayama, Brooke Candy and Patrick Mason as well as mega stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky or Nicki Minaj.

What is your advice for the style creatives starting out in this industry?

Shun no responsibilities, work hard, reach out to as many people as possible, be yourself but do not be afraid to take risks, constantly aim to “really see” things around you, be insatiable, hunger for all kinds of ideas, and fall in love with your work 🙂

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