LOVERAIN: The Kirpa Forecast

Latvian designer Nadia Kirpa launched LOVERAIN as a countermeasure to gloom ‘n doom of Baltic autumns. Another hipster raingear brand retailing via Etsy #surewhynot… However, the spring-summer 2016 collection (presented at Belarus Fashion Week in Minsk) is a weather-cliché-free delight. Waterproof coats trace the journey of raindrops gracing shapes of temple domes, flower buds, honeycombs. The dewdrop bejeweled cocktail dresses look festive without appearing just gaudy. From Dolly Parton to Paulo Coelho, every pop culture guru has got a cherish thy rainbows, treasure thy rains quote… There ain’t nothing wrong about a simple truth retold a gazillionth time. Like hearing jazz badboy Jamie Cullum channeling Gene Kelly + Rhianna in his mashup of Singing in the Rain & Umbrella… What a glorious feeling. We shine together. The Kirpa forecast is LOVERAIN.

Enjoy the aforementioned rendition & feel free to imagine yourself in LOVERAIN… I did 😉

And to complete the pop culture rain-rainbow puzzle for the day, I leave you in the good care of Dolly, Ms. Ray O’Sunshine, and Paulo, Mr. Rainbowthug.




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