Barcelona is a hot-hot-hot destination to show off your latest self all over La Rambla, the Gothic Quarter and Barceloneta. This city has long dictated style in (Spanish) architecture, music, arts, cuisine… and since 2008, it ushers in the European runway season with its edition of 080 Fashion Week. Without further ado, Spring-Summer 2016 starts under the watchful eye of Antoni Gaudi… #PostParisFashion checked out all the shows. Here are eight 080 designers who warrant your attention & full collection reviews (just click on brand/name).

GEORGINA VENDRELL presents her easy-breezy take on the lofty idea of an Urban Warrior.GEORGINA VENDRELL

ISOMETRIC duo Joan Ros & Jessica Montes try to solve a perfectionism theorem with fascinating if inconclusive results!ISOMETRIC

Designer TXELL MIRAS turns her catwalk into a demilitarized zone, hip-hip-hurray! TXELL MIRAS

CARLOTAOMS, a partnership of Elisabet Carlota and Elisenda Oms, produces a study in stark creative contrasts.CARLOTAOMS

JOSEP ABRIL lives up to his Gaudi Prize winning pedigree with an architectural de-re-construction of menswear blueprints.JOSEP ABRIL

Brilliant brash-trash band KRIZIA ROBUSTELLA challenges all our politically (in)correct assumptions about fashion propriety. KRIZIA ROBUSTELLA

MIQUEL SUAY paints one of the more beautiful canvases we’ve ever exhibited here.MIQUEL SUAY

And last, but not in the slightest least… PABLO ERROZ delivers a collection so well-rounded, wearing just these clothes for an entire season proves a real temptation.PABLO ERROZ

I’ma go day-by-day, look-by-look & get to that BEST-IN-SHOW collection… Come along now!

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